Scuba Pioneer: Diving From the 1950s to the Present


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Scuba Pioneer: Diving From the 1950s to the Present

By: George Landgrabe

Published: 2020

From the publisher:

Welcome To A Whole New Underwater World…
Whether you’re new to the sport of scuba diving, considering giving it a try, or a seasoned veteran, you will enjoy reading the insights from someone who has been diving for more than half a century.

You’ll appreciate how advancements in equipment have changed and made it easier than ever for more people to enjoy the vast underwater world that, for most, remains a hidden mystery.

Are you ready to dive in?
Why settle to read only facts and statistics about what can become a lifelong hobby, when you can benefit from reading a story? This book shares with you one man’s journey of “taking the plunge”, from swimming across the surface of the water to diving down to explore vast reaches of magical world invisible to those above.

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