Quiet Strong: First African American Explosive Ordnance Disposal Diver, Sherman Byrd


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By Cynthia Byrd Conner

A teenager, tired of living by Jim Crow laws in the southern state of Mississippi seeks to find out God’s purpose for his life. The youngest son of sharecroppers, Sherman Byrd watched and waited for a sign. A series of events pointed him in a direction few Negroes had traveled before. Death loomed all around. Determined to walk by faith and not by sight, Byrd’s journey unexpectedly leads him down a path where he became a pioneer in one of the most dangerous jobs known to mankind. Disarming bombs!

A silent oath, a vow unspoken, explosive ordnance disposal divers do not tell war stories. Selfless sacrifices and epic feats burst forth like lava from a volcano.
170 Pages

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