Eagle Ray by Devin Riggh Ages 11 – 15



Magic or Mutation? Jamie Bonifacio lives between two worlds; the world of the terrestrial and the world of the aquatic. Although comfortable in either, he would much rather spend his time in the sea. Whether the result of being cursed at birth by a Santeria Priestess, or the result of a radical genetic mutation, Jamie possesses the preternatural ability to dive to incredible depths, and stay at those depths for hours. Jamie is trying to make an honest living for himself and his widowed mother. Until…one day, misfortune strikes and through no fault of his own, Jamie finds himself at odds with the law. His only chance to remain free is to take refuge on…and under the ocean. What Jamie doesn’t know is that before him lie two-thousand sea miles of hurricane winds, tortuous tropical sun, castaways, poachers…and pirates.

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