Artwork - Jerry Garcia Collection

Artwork – Jerry Garcia Collection: Did you know Jerry Garcia was an artist before he was a musician? He was also an avid SCUBA diver. In honor of these passions, the Jerry Garcia Foundation has donated a number of museum-quality giclee prints of his artwork to the History of Diving Museum. Pieces that have not already sold, are on display at the Museum. They can be purchased directly, or you can buy a ticket for a chance to win your favorite one from what is available.

Participants have multiple chances to win. Each piece sold/ticket purchased benefits HDMs art and education programs along with featured exhibits such as Dive Into Art: Coral Creations! Winners receive a certificate of authenticity, signed by Jerry Garcia’s wife and daughter: Manasha and Keelin Garcia.

Drawings are limited to current available Jerry Garcia giclees contributed by the Jerry Garcia Foundation to the History of Diving Museum. Odds are 140/1 or better as each drawing stands alone and winner is drawn when 140 tickets sold or threshold is reached. Winner is announced on social media and through HDM’s regular newsletter. Entries received after close of prior drawing will be applied to the next drawing. Winners of each drawing choose from the remaining artwork inventory and subject to prior cash sales. Shipping is not included.

Second Chance to Win! All non-winning entries are eligible for a final artwork drawing. Contest ends when last giclee has been claimed or 12/31/2024.

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