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Diving Into the Unknown: Life of a Cave Diver

Jill Heinerth

Technical Diving Pioneer and Author

Wednesday, December 15th at 7 PM on Zoom

Join Jill Heinerth, a pioneer of technical rebreather diving, who has led expeditions into icebergs in Antarctica, volcanic lava tubes, and many submerged caves worldwide. Jill is the first Explorer-in-Residence of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. She is an award winning author with her two books "Into the Planet" and "The Aquanaut." 

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Vintage Double Hose Regular Dives

December 11th

Interested in recreating a classic underwater dive scene? Check out the video below and join us for a vintage dive. Send us an email to sign up or get more information on future double hose regulator dives.   programs@divingmuseum.org

More details to follow.

Vintage diver scuba
Did you know that vintage double hose regulators had an air supply hose on the right side, and an exhaust hose on the left? In the series “Sea Hunt” somehow Mike Nelson’s nemesis always cut the left hose!
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