Upcoming Immerse Yourself Presentation!

Terrence Tysall - Underwater Explorer & Vintage Diving Enthusiast

Wednesday, August 18th at 7 PM on Zoom

Join Terrence Tysall, NAUI’s Vice President of Training Worldwide, to learn
about his experiences diving in some of the most remote places around the
world, including shipwrecks and cavern diving.

One of the only divers to explore the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald, Tysall is one of the underwater world’s most accomplished explorers.

Tysall and his NAUI team refurbish vintage scuba gear and facilitate vintage dives around the country. Reply to this email to find out how you can dive iconic scuba gear from the early days of recreational diving.

To request a spot please email: programs@divingmuseum.org to get your sign in information.


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Each month we feature a guest speaker covering topics from all aspects of the diving industry and the marine environment.

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Vintage Dive Days: August 19 & 20

The History of Diving Museum is teaming up with the NAUI dive organization to celebrate vintage diving. Together we will be highlighting vintage scuba gear, underwater movies and TV shows from the 1950s, and numerous artifacts from this golden age of scuba.


Celebrate with Double Feature Movie Nights!

We will be kicking off Vintage Dive Days at the Morada Way Artwalk on Thursday, August 19th, screening classic "Sea Hunt" episodes with artifacts on display.  Then, we'll have a special classic movie showing on Friday, August 20th at Florida Keys Brewing Company. Can you guess the movie we'll be screening?


Vintage Double Hose Regular Dives

Interested in recreating a classic underwater dive scene? Send us an email to sign up or get more information on future double hose regulator dives - coming soon! programs@divingmuseum.org

More details to follow.

2021 VintageDiving Movie Nights
Did you know that vintage double hose regulators had an air supply hose on the right side, and an exhaust hose on the left? In the series “Sea Hunt” somehow Mike Nelson’s nemesis always cut the left hose!
See the Featured Exhibit “Diving in Pop Culture!”
Through December 2021
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